Empower Your Path with Monarch 🦋 Mindset Ladies Retreat

Ladies, Are You Looking to Empower Change?

We, as women, tend to have a hard time putting ourselves first. Self-love isn’t selfish, it is needed to be a better person for yourself but also your family, partner, coworkers, kids, etc.

With our day retreat, “Empower Your Path with Monarch Mindset,” Jen and Stephanie will help you empower your mind, body, and soul.

You will take tasks home with you, along with empowering change with a community supporting you.

Get ready to dig deep with the mind, get a little sweaty at the end for some “Bouti Yoga” and connect with women.

Think About the Life of a Monarch Butterfly

Time to Find Your Blocks

What are you seeking to transform in your life? Remember, this isn’t going to happen during our event, but we will give you the tools to manifest it.

Time to Metamorph

As the caterpillar feeds to become a beautiful butterfly, we want to ask you, “What feeds your soul, your growth, your heart and your mind?”

Time to Fly

You figured out what your blocks are, and how to feed yourself to become that beautiful Monarch Butterfly. What will it look like when you fly?

Are You Ready to Fly?

Good, because we are ready to take you there on August 7th in San Antonio from 1pm – 7pm at Pure Prana Path with myself, and Stephanie, StudioBSteph.

Sign Up TODAY. Space is LIMITED!

Want to sign up in June for a $50 discount? We think you should and the code is EB21.

Click HERE for the link and see you in a couple of months!