The monarch woman is comfortable in her own skin. She shines through. She walks with intention and acts with integrity, as she has learned what fuels her fire.

She is physically confident, emotionally confident and spiritually confident. She turns heads. And minds. And hearts.

She has a tribe of women who will support her for the rest of her life.


The Monarch Mindset Program will help you refine and crystalize the vision you have for your life. We will work together to figure out what is sabotaging your success, then get rid of those roadblocks.

Whether your goals are personal, professional, emotional, or physical, we will customize every session and set you up to succeed throughout the program. I can't wait to watch you jump-start the life that you deserve.



What you can expect over the 12-week journey:

- To find the better version of yourself

-Confidence to learn how to maintain that version

-Figure out what is blocking yourself to become that better version

-Having other women as accountability partners

-Goal Setting session with me

-Weekly 30-minute phone calls with me

-Accountability partner on Non Facebook Group

-Group discussion on Non Facebook Group

Stephanie B:

"My drive to achieve and succeed is higher. I see my energy changes, my thoughts of being of service to the universe, and mostly awareness. My energy level is great. I have new ideas and a goal to be proud of what I am accomplishing in this world."

Ladies, it is time to harness YOUR strength!

Ready to get started?

What you're going to

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